Zoom A close look at Jawdropper Magnetic. This only includes the lashes. No liner. No applicator.
Zoom A close-up look at Jawdropper on the eye.
Zoom A close-up look at Jawdropper on the eye.
Zoom A full makeup look with Jawdropper Magnetic. High-quality lashes that will hold all day.
Zoom Benefits of Foxy AF Lashes: up to 80 wears, stays on all day, high-quality materials, never plastic, cruelty-free and vegan
Zoom How to apply Foxy AF magnetic lashes - super easy application of magnetic lashes - zero glue, zero mess!

Jawdropper Magnetic

$25.00 Regular price $40.00

Style Details:
lashes are the best and only 3D Mink Magnetic Lashes around. Jaw dropped? 100% cruelty-free.

How To Apply:
Use your Foxy AF Magnetic Eyeliner, apply the lashes and magnetize the world

Uses: Up to 80 wears

Material: 3D Mink

Volume: Bold

Shape: Round

Band length: 28 mm
Inner corner: 7 mm
Center: 15 mm
Outer corner: 15 mm

What's Included: 1 pair Jawdropper Magnetic Eyelashes

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